A completely singular way of seeing men’s fashion has been introduced by Antonis Papastavrou, inspirer and co-founder of the Greek brand Dánte, which during the past two years has rightfully won a prominent position on the map of style in men’s apparel.

Having studied architecture, Antonis had also dabbled in the clothing industry during its golden era. Later, and for many years, he pursued the art of make-up. However, when asked about the brand, he states that he is not one to marry his work; everything evolves, and he evolves with it.

His marriage to Dánte’s co-founder, Antriana Paraskevopoulou, was, in fact, the very first step in the entrepreneurial endeavour. Dánte could very well be considered their first child, a joint decision that took the place of a honeymoon. They began the brand using their savings for their wedding, sacrificing an exotic honeymoon destination. The funds had been gathered in good faith and, having such good energy, could not have “bad luck”.

Naturally, positive energy is just a very good premise. In all other respects, they left nothing to luck. Together, they spent innumerable hours, during a span of 10 months, researching the market to finally arrive at the image which Dánte has today. They discovered a gap in the Greek market –a distance between fast fashion and sur mesure- and they came to the conclusion that Dánte would fill that gap.


Encompassed in a unique philosophy and design which breaks the status quo and surpasses the traditional boundaries of men’s design, the Dánte collections enchant, each time in an intricate and unique way but for the same reason: the never ending quest for inspiration and defiance of the informal norms in men’s fashion.

With faux furs, bold kimonos, layers and patterns as the main characteristics governing the philosophy and creating the personality of a brand with its very own identity, the Dánte collections sensually stimulate all senses.

The philosophy of the brand emerged from the inspiration of the creators as to how they want to see men dress. They don’t seek out dated and old-fashioned textiles which have been dictated by past archetypes; they wish to broaden the range of choices in men’s clothing. Dánte offers them what they need without having to spend a fortune and without being forced into choosing from the ready stereotypes which are imposed by mass fashion

Dánte aims to produce clothing that will be worthy of consumers’ closets for a lifetime, not only a season. Men, as the founders of Dánte have come to discover, are wiser consumers; they have a tendency to judge, they don’t change and they are far more loyal to what they like and what suits them. And in that lies the dynamic of the brand, the characteristic that contributed most to the quick expansion and success it has acquired, which naturally includes the trust of its target group.


“His glory, by whose might all things are mov’d, Pierces the universe, and in one part Sheds more resplendence, elsewhere less. In heav’n, That largeliest of his light partakes, was I, Witness of things, which to relate again Surpasseth power of him who comes from thence; For that, so near approaching its desire Our intellect is to such depth absorb’d, That memory cannot follow. Nathless all, That in my thoughts I of that sacred realm Could store, shall now be matter of my song.” Dante Alighieri ~ The Divine Comedy
You are a #Danter when you love layers & comfort.

Antonis and Antriana’s endeavour was baptised by a mutual friend when they described the initial idea to her. Dánte refers to, and was as a name was inspired by, Italian renaissance poet Dánte Alighieri, who managed to weave the common language spoken in the streets of Italy into that of the upper social classes creating unique and timeless works of written art, understood by both classes, thus bringing them out of the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance. This is precisely what the Dánte brand aims to do in fashion. It is the golden medium between high street brands and sur mesure choices, each creation dipped in past tradition and overflowing with future freshness, and thus the Dánte man distinguishes himself from what is common and tedious – from head to toe, from mind to matter.