Fructus Pants Black
Fructus Pants Black

Fructus Pants Black

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*Please be aware that this item belongs to our high-end An.θος collection and will be available for delivery in 20 working days minimum after its purchase, due to the production process as regards tailor-made procedures.

Designed with a contemporary flair, the Fructus pants feature a wide-leg silhouette that exudes both style and elegance. The addition of pleats adds a touch of sophistication.The high waistband, adorned with strap belts, not only adds a fashionable edge but also accentuates your waistline for a flattering silhouette. This thoughtful detail makes the Fructus pants a standout piece in your wardrobe.

  • An.θος collection
  • Made in Greece
  • True to size
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  • Dry Clean
  • Black



Dánte aims to produce clothing that will be worthy of consumers’ closets for a lifetime, not only a season. Men, as the founders of 

Dánte have come to discover, are wiser consumers; they have a tendency to judge, they don’t change and they are far more loyal to what they like and what suits them. And in that lies the dynamic of the brand, the characteristic that contributed most to the quick expansion and success it has acquired, which naturally includes the trust of its target group.


But yet the will roll’d onward, like a wheel In even motion, by the Love impell’d, That moves the sun in heav’n and all the stars.